Florida red-bellied cooter -Week 18 – Theme 14 Humor



I have tried and tried to get good pictures of the turtles that hang out in the pond in the cul-de-sac on my street. I am pretty sure they are Florida red bellied cooters based on their striped eyes. They tend to just peek their noses out, I’ve yet to capture one out of the water. I was pleasantly surprised to see that while I still did not get much of this turtle, I did manage to get a red dragonfly landing on his nose (and in the reflection)!

Great Blue Heron – Week 17 – Theme 12 Wild Card


I photographed this Great Blue Heron today in the pond at the cul de sac in my neighborhood. Since I was born in Buffalo and spent the first 34 years of my life there, I never stop being amazed at seeing beautiful birds like this when I walk out of my door to go to the mailbox. I have photographed the Great Blue Heron many times before but I especially like the colors captured on this one and how close I was able to get. This photo hasn’t been cropped.

Last call for Holiday Cards. Week 14 – Theme #15 Leading Lines


Just got back from Stormville, NY where I spent Christmas with my sisters celebrating my mom’s 75th birthday on Christmas Eve. We had a white Christmas Eve with the snow disappearing right around lunch time. Before it melted, I took a picture of the road outside my sister’s house. I like the way the road leads my eye to the mail box. I used to have this kind of mailbox growing up and still remember how much I loved to run down and check for holiday mail (cards, gifts, catalogs) in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Birthday Boy Bergy – week 13- Theme 49 – portrait with f/8.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow LWRDCP bloggers. I got an early Christmas present from my husband, an iPhone 10s. Here is my Goldendoodle Bergy with the camera in portrait mode set to f/8. Studio lighting was used. One way to keep up with the challenge during the hectic holiday season. Off to New York where I hope to capture great shots for some of the other themes.