Week 48 – Theme #35 Color Harmony


This is a close-up of the stained glass from my previous post of the Jarrett Memorial Baptist Church.  I have been waiting to post a color harmony picture because I wanted to find the perfect combination of complementary or analogous colors. As we have another week of hot temperatures on the way (preventing outdoor time for me) and with the challenge winding down, I decided to go with this shot. I just love the different colors in the glass and also the various shades of the stone surrounding the window.

Week 47 – theme 44 Wild Card


This is a picture of the Jarrett Memorial Baptist Church in Dillsboro, NC. As I mentioned in previous posts, I try to spend most of my vacation time in the Smoky mountains. I just got back from another week of cool mountain air. Heaven! One of the things I love about driving through the towns of Dillsboro, Silva and Cashiers is that there seems to be one charming, beautiful, unique church after another.

Week 46 – Theme #18 (Door – Creative)


Anytime I stroll down Main Street in Sarasota as I did last evening, nothing makes me happier than seeing the door to C’est la Vie! wide open. It is my favorite spot for crepes and French pastries. I resisted a purchase last night due to being stuffed from my meal at Patrick’s but that is rarely the case. I used the iPhone 10 for the photo and then used the Vignette tool in Lightroom to put the focus near the door.


Week 45 – Theme # 19 Geometric Shapes

IMG_0026 2

A few weeks ago, I went to Venice to walk the pier and take pictures. The pier was closed! My husband was with me so we went to Sharky’s On the Pier for lunch. Determined to knock off a category for the challenge, I took various shots of the pier from all directions. My favorite of the day turned out to be this shot taken from standing underneath. Using the water as sides, I see trapezoids.

Week 44 – Theme 23 (Balance)


At first, I wasn’t sure what to do for the theme balance, I thought as long as the picture looked good, it was probably balanced. I decided I’d better do a bit of research before I posted anything so I read an article that said the photo is “balanced” if two images equally grab your attention. This photo was taken last month while on vacation in the Smoky mountains. Our community has a unique feature, a golf course high up in the mountains. I do not golf but I rode around in the cart while my husband golfed, camera in hand, hoping to photograph some black bears. The most common place my neighbors see bears is on the golf course. I think this photo shows balance because my eye is drawn to both the golf holes and the mountains equally. We have been vacationing in the NC mountains for the past 10 years and I have only see a bear once, very briefly. My neighbors have captured photos and videos of the bears doing all sorts of things. My favorite was a video of mama bear with her cubs swimming across the lake. She took the lead but dropped back to make sure all her cubs safely got across. The bears also broke into the club house pool bar one night and made an absolute mess with the syrups used for drinks.

Week 43 – Theme # 9 (Product)


This theme was a challenge for me. I do not have much experience “setting up” pictures. My photography hobby is focused on nature, more along the lines of “let me grab the camera and see what the birds are doing.” What I love about this challenge is learning so much about all the different areas I can explore and the techniques I can try when I get more time.

I have been drinking coffee since I was twelve. I’m half Italian and love nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a cappuccino. When I don’t have the time to froth up milk, my “go to” grocery store brand of coffee is Melitta. Melitta’s North American headquarters are actually right here in Clearwater, FL. Melitta uses an extra fine grinding method which, in my opinion, makes a terrific cup of coffee. You get a very flavorful cup without having to use an extra amount. For this picture, I used the iPhone 10 in portrait mode and put studio lighting over the can of coffee to highlight the brand in the photo.

Burp! Week 42 -Wildcard #36


Last week, while going to get the mail, I witnessed a Great Blue Heron catch a fish for a meal. I photographed all stages of the process from the point where the fish was still alive until the photo above where you can see the fish in his neck. It took the Heron at least ten times of throwing his head back with the fish in his mouth before he (?) could swallow it. I was very close through the whole process. Some of the photos actually upset me as they are so graphic and gruesome, rather than gross anyone else out, I thought I’d share this one. 🙂