LWRDPC – January Theme “Boat”

IMG_0033 2

Yesterday, we made a trip to Venice. We visited the Rookery (next week’s post) and then the Crow’s Nest for lunch. I tried their famous fish sandwich, it was delicious. Anyways, after lunch we took a walk around the marina where I decided to take pictures of the sailboats that were cruising all around. Although I think this picture captures the delightful January afternoon we got to enjoy in Southwest FL, I think I missed the “boat.” Bad pun intended. Had I zoomed in on the Pelican at the bottom of this photo, I think I would have had a great “dive bomb” photo.

LWDPC January Theme – Macro in Mono


This morning, I paid a visit to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. It was a beautiful, cool morning for walking around with the camera at this popular Sarasota attraction. This Florida water turtle, who I believe to be a Florida Cooter, made a macro shot easy for me as he sat just a few feet from my camera as I was walking by the turtle exhibit.  I just had my Canon “point and shoot” with me so I set it to Macro & Mono and snapped away.

LWDPC January Theme “Something Blue”

IMG_0026 2

When I first started photographing birds in my neighborhood, I usually didn’t get excited to see a Double-crested Cormorant. Usually, I could only shoot them from the neck up as they swam around the pond and didn’t think it was worth the effort. It took me a while to realize that they have beautiful blue, almost transparent eyes. Now when I spot them, I always take a shot and can’t wait to look at the eyes. I even entered one in a contest and named it “behind blue eyes.” This picture was taken last week at a pond on Player’s Drive in Lakewood Ranch.

LWRDPC December Theme – “Joy”


I’ve always been someone that needs “alone time”, even on the holidays. On Christmas morning, after I went on a long walk with my husband and dogs, I went back out again with my camera. Well, Christmas certainly came for this amateur photographer! I only had to go around the block to find the Rosette Spoonbill and the Wood Stork sitting together for me. I have sharper photos of both but this is the best I have of both together. This was not my only present. At the same pond,  I got pictures of a baby alligator, Great White Egret and two Great Cormorants sitting side by side making all kinds of interesting motions. Happy New Year one and all!

LWRDPC – December Post – Holiday Lights


Last night, my husband and I went to Enchant St. Pete at Tropicana Field. This holiday event is also taking place in Washington and Seattle. We had a good time and were full of the holiday spirit. We even hit the skating rink which you see in the photo. I thought I would get amazing shots even though I only had my iPhone with me. I was a little disappointed that it was so hard to frame the shots without getting the seats, signs, ceiling etc. that screamed “we are at an indoor ballpark, not in a winter wonderland.” This event is 5 minutes from where I work so for us, it was worth checking out. I am not sure I would recommend driving across the state as I am sure there are better light displays to be found and it did not quite live up to the hype in my book.