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Week 23 – Wild Card Week 24


Yesterday, my husband and I went to Tide Tables Restaurant and Marina for lunch in Cortez. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. I’ve only been there twice and both times had the Grouper sandwich. I do think their Grouper sandwich is the best I have ever had which echoes many other reviews. We figured it would be pretty busy and it was, the last time we went, we shared a table with strangers and this time around, we sat at the bar. I decided to step away from all the action and take some pictures of the beautiful scenery and birds that were all around the marina. This shot is one of my favorites from the afternoon.

Great Blue Heron – Week 17 – Theme 12 Wild Card


I photographed this Great Blue Heron today in the pond at the cul de sac in my neighborhood. Since I was born in Buffalo and spent the first 34 years of my life there, I never stop being amazed at seeing beautiful birds like this when I walk out of my door to go to the mailbox. I have photographed the Great Blue Heron many times before but I especially like the colors captured on this one and how close I was able to get. This photo hasn’t been cropped.