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Week 49 – Theme #37 HDR


I was dreading this theme! I thought HDR sounded so complicated and toyed with the idea of pressing the HDR button on my iPhone and claiming beginner status. I have had Lightroom installed since the beginning of the Challenge and can’t believe how easy-peasy this is after all. I took this picture this afternoon in my Lakewood Ranch neighborhood at ISO 400, 800 and 1200 while using a tripod. I decided to just stick with the ISO settings. Once in Lightroom, I imported the three photos, selected them and chose photo merge. I can’t wait to try this again on sunsets and beach landscapes! On a side note, I am so happy I will finally be able to attend not one, but the next two monthly club meetings.

Week 48 – Theme #35 Color Harmony


This is a close-up of the stained glass from my previous post of the Jarrett Memorial Baptist Church.  I have been waiting to post a color harmony picture because I wanted to find the perfect combination of complementary or analogous colors. As we have another week of hot temperatures on the way (preventing outdoor time for me) and with the challenge winding down, I decided to go with this shot. I just love the different colors in the glass and also the various shades of the stone surrounding the window.

Week 47 – theme 44 Wild Card


This is a picture of the Jarrett Memorial Baptist Church in Dillsboro, NC. As I mentioned in previous posts, I try to spend most of my vacation time in the Smoky mountains. I just got back from another week of cool mountain air. Heaven! One of the things I love about driving through the towns of Dillsboro, Silva and Cashiers is that there seems to be one charming, beautiful, unique church after another.

Burp! Week 42 -Wildcard #36


Last week, while going to get the mail, I witnessed a Great Blue Heron catch a fish for a meal. I photographed all stages of the process from the point where the fish was still alive until the photo above where you can see the fish in his neck. It took the Heron at least ten times of throwing his head back with the fish in his mouth before he (?) could swallow it. I was very close through the whole process. Some of the photos actually upset me as they are so graphic and gruesome, rather than gross anyone else out, I thought I’d share this one. 🙂