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Birthday Boy Bergy – week 13- Theme 49 – portrait with f/8.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow LWRDCP bloggers. I got an early Christmas present from my husband, an iPhone 10s. Here is my Goldendoodle Bergy with the camera in portrait mode set to f/8. Studio lighting was used. One way to keep up with the challenge during the hectic holiday season. Off to New York where I hope to capture great shots for some of the other themes.

Bougainvillea Burst -Theme #1 – Zoom Burst – Week 9


I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do a Zoom Burst as I have a camera with a zoom lens, a Canon Powershot SX40, but the zoom lens is not removable. What I did to capture this picture of the Bougainvillea tree in my front yard was to put my camera in Av mode and then use a setting where it fired off three shots at various speeds. The first two shots look like normal pictures put this is what I got on the third one.

Park Trees – Week 8, theme #25 SOOC


I took this picture today at Bob Gardner Community Park in Lakewood Ranch. It is straight out of the camera (SOOC). I love this park and think it is a wonderful addition to our area. It has a very nice dog park as well but you do have to walk quite a bit before you hit the dog area. I did not have my dogs with me today, my puppy is too young for a dog park, he finishes his shots next week and the last time I took my four year old dog, who is hyperactive, he exhausted himself before he actually got to the dog area and wanted to leave immediately.

Bergy! Week 6 – Theme 41 – Shaped Bokeh


This is my first 52 Week Challenge. I am learning so much from the other bloggers who not only share there beautiful photos but explain what they did. I was not familiar with “Shaped Bokeh” so I Googled the term and watched a YouTube video. I thought this would be easy as my other hobby is paper crafting and I have all kinds of shaped punches. What I didn’t have was a punch that could put the shape where I needed it so I used an X-ACTO knife which did the job but not exactly. A black sharpie fixed the jagged areas somewhat. This is my four year old Goldendoodle Bergy. I have another Goldendoodle “Dozer” who will be 14 weeks tomorrow and will probably make an appearance as a Wild Card during the hectic holiday season.

Week 1#5 Macro


I love to photograph dragonflies when practicing Macro shots. I was hoping for a red or blue/green one this morning but I am in charge of watching my ten week old puppy and 4 year old dog by myself today and had to take what I could get 🙂