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Week 31 – Theme #51 Rule of Odds


I spent Saturday – Tuesday at a professional conference in Chicago. I have only been to Chicago one other time, about 20 years ago in the middle of August. I had no memories other than it was too hot to do too much of anything. What an amazing trip this time around! I went on an architectural river cruise and could have kicked myself for being too lazy to bring the “good” camera. The buildings were incredible and so beautiful! The weather was perfect and the tulips planted all through the city were in full bloom. This picture is “straight out of the iPhone.” I did absolutely nothing with the color or lighting.

Last call for Holiday Cards. Week 14 – Theme #15 Leading Lines


Just got back from Stormville, NY where I spent Christmas with my sisters celebrating my mom’s 75th birthday on Christmas Eve. We had a white Christmas Eve with the snow disappearing right around lunch time. Before it melted, I took a picture of the road outside my sister’s house. I like the way the road leads my eye to the mail box. I used to have this kind of mailbox growing up and still remember how much I loved to run down and check for holiday mail (cards, gifts, catalogs) in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Palm Tree – Fill the Frame – Week #3, Theme #3


This palm tree is located at the end of my street. I must confess, I choose it for convenience. I am hoping that the cooler weather expected next week will provide me with more options as we continue the 52 Week Challenge. I prefer to shoot outside so I can get in some brisk walking exercise while I am at it. I am looking forward to trying some of the techniques I am not familiar with as part of the 52 week challenge. Right now, I use a Canon Powershot SX40, I am not sure if it can do a “Zoom Blast” since the lens isn’t removable. I think “Shaped Bokeh” might be a good indoor photo project to work on and may tackle this theme next.

Week #2 Eyelines (#31)


I took this picture of a Loggerhead Shrike this morning at a tree in the cul-de-sac at the end of my street. He (?) seems to be looking ahead with confidence that a great day is about to unfold. I know for me, it is off to a glorious start. This Buffalo native has been waiting for a low humidity, comfortable morning for many, many months! I was so happy to be able to walk around the neighborhood with my camera this morning without worrying about passing out from the heat. Birds are my favorite subject to photograph.