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About pamelalynnwilliams

I am originally from Buffalo, New York. I have lived in Lakewood Ranch (and the Sarasota area) for the past 17 years. I work as a Medical Librarian for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. In addition to my photography hobby, I enjoy doing paper crafts and cooking/baking. I am married and have two Goldendoodles, Bergy and Dozer. This blog started as a requirement of a local photography club challenge which recently ended. Until the next challenge, I plan to keep posting photos of wildlife and nature taken around southwest FL, the Smoky mountains, and any other adventures that happen along the way.

LWRDPC – March Theme “A Bud”

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I signed up for a second challenge. Taking pictures and photo editing really lifts my spirit. The scavenger hunt idea even has my husband in on the fun as he helps me finds things while we are out walking and actually is the one who pointed out this Hibiscus bud behind our pool cage. I know we typically only post one picture per challenge theme but I thought you would like to see what the bud will bloom into. Both photos were taken with a Canon Point and Shoot set to Macro.

LWRDPC – March Theme “Fruit”

After 18 years in SW Florida, I finally made it to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. I went yesterday, boy was it crowded! I really enjoyed myself and got to see Lynyrd Skynyrd perform. My only disappointment was that I did not get to see the farm animals as the exhibit area was closed. I do not know if this was because of COVID-19 or if it was simply the last day of the fair and they had already headed home. The challenge for this photo was that I wanted to make sure I didn’t get anyone else’s children in the picture because I knew I wanted to post it as soon as I saw how cute these “Strawberries” were.IMG_1620

LWRDPC February Theme “Flower”


Today, I attended a workshop at the Chao Lecture Hall at the Ringling Museum. Even though it was a cold, blustery day in South West Florida, I decided to walk around the grounds before driving home. I was disappointed to find out that Mable’s Rose garden is in a “rebuilding phase” and there weren’t many roses to see. This yellow flower was the prettiest one I could find. It was still nice to see the statues and walk through the beautiful grounds.

LWRDPC – February Theme “A Curve”


Two weeks ago, I attended the Dali’s “Coffee with the Curator” presentation. The speaker was a friend of mine and I wanted to support her. We got a tour of the Dali library afterwords and I got to see the featured exhibit “Midnight in Paris.” It was a beautiful day and I made sure to take a walk around the grounds before heading back to work. This photo was taken from the back of the museum, you can see the umbrella tables set up by the garden. Definitely a curvy building! FYI, if anyone is thinking of attending one of these monthly talks, leave early! It was packed! I found myself in the overflow room, luckily, I found a parking space before they ran out.

LWRDPC February Theme “In a Row”


I took this picture two weeks ago at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. I can’t believe I have lived here for 18 years and yet this was my first visit. While the fascinating Pink Flamingos are certainly the star attraction in my book, I found there were plenty of other photo ops such as these Florida Cooters all lined up in a row. I wish the image was a little sharper but I like this photo because some of their heads appear to be facing the camera.

LWRDPC Jan/Feb Theme – N is for…. F is for….


I took this photo last week at the Venice Rookery. This was my first trip to the Rookery, a place I have been wanting to visit ever since I saw all the other bloggers beautiful pictures. We had other things on our agenda that day so my goal was just to find it so that when I went out on a shoot I would be familiar with were it was. I did not have my tripod or DSL camera, just a Canon point and shoot. This picture of the Great Blue Heron was my best of the 10 minutes I got to spend there. I really wanted good photos of the Black-crowned Night Herons as I never get to see them in my neighborhood. I did get to see them and took many photos but the birds were too deep in the trees and the photos were too dark or shadowy.  This wraps up January with N is for nest and kicks off February with F is for feathers.