Week 44 – Theme 23 (Balance)


At first, I wasn’t sure what to do for the theme balance, I thought as long as the picture looked good, it was probably balanced. I decided I’d better do a bit of research before I posted anything so I read an article that said the photo is “balanced” if two images equally grab your attention. This photo was taken last month while on vacation in the Smoky mountains. Our community has a unique feature, a golf course high up in the mountains. I do not golf but I rode around in the cart while my husband golfed, camera in hand, hoping to photograph some black bears. The most common place my neighbors see bears is on the golf course. I think this photo shows balance because my eye is drawn to both the golf holes and the mountains equally. We have been vacationing in the NC mountains for the past 10 years and I have only see a bear once, very briefly. My neighbors have captured photos and videos of the bears doing all sorts of things. My favorite was a video of mama bear with her cubs swimming across the lake. She took the lead but dropped back to make sure all her cubs safely got across. The bears also broke into the club house pool bar one night and made an absolute mess with the syrups used for drinks.

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